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Sunday, 27 April 2014

sleepwalker syndrome.


[ Brooks Brothers shirt, Brandy Melville shorts, Alexander McQueen creepers, House of Harlow sunglasses ]

Photos by Steve Pyne

Back to back blog posts with the same short shorts from Brandy Melville... I hope I'm not judged too hard. Inspired by the A Wang ss14 collection filled with what I can only describe as 'sleepy chic', I dove into my wardrobe to see if I could mimic the look for Stevy's album release party that night. (P.S. go buy it!) While I save up $895 for the real thing, I felt this $100 alternative might satiate my need for runway boxer shorts and matching shirt. Thanks to a very well fitted, old Brooks Brothers shirt with awesome French cuffs, some white cutoffs, clean creepers, and a crisp backdrop, I think I emulated the hazy, sleepwalker vibe well. Or so I'd like to think.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

shopbazaar x coachella.


[ Aritzia cap, Bec & Bridge Light Ceramic top, Brandy Melville short shorts, Jimmy Choo sandals, vintage Gucci purse, Ray Ban wayfarers ]

Photos by Steve Pyne

Another Coachella post, another drink in my hand. Who can say no to a morning mimosa while walking through the dreamy grounds of The Parker in Palm Springs? Every corner we took was out of a picturesque storybook with ivy covered bungalows to oversized hammocks to play around in. The fun didn't stop there - as soon as we entered the hotel, we were told to follow the B's that led to the shopbazaar event. We went through the maze, turning this way and that, and emerged at the lemonade stand and the ping pong tables. In between those was the entrance to the event where brands and businesses working with Harper's Bazaar had collaborated with one another to curate Coachella specific things such as bikinis, pool friendly jewelry, espadrilles, denim choices, and festival wear. I was ready to pick up a pair of Manebi espadrilles or Ancient Greek sandals but couldn't pick just one. Worn to the event was an all white ensemble with a splash of gold added from an old pair of Jimmy Choo's. 
Thank you to Harper's Bazaar, The Parker Palm Springs, and Otte NY for hosting such a lovely event!

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

day one, coachella.

dayone sunset
dayonesip edit

[ Dolce Vita 'Sabelle' top, 7FAM shorts, Rag & Bone mac, House of Harlow 'Chelsea' sunglasses, Sandro espadrilles ]

Photos by Steve Pyne

Details from day one at Coachella. 90% of my photos from last weekend will show me having a drink or thirst quencher of some sort in my hand. So yeah, just a heads up. This one was a coconut/banana smoothie reluctantly bought when they were out of the actual fruit. Since my feet were in heels the beginning part of the day, I wanted to give them a rest by sliding on my Sandro slippers. Denim shorts were a no brainer but in terms of which white, sheer, flowy, ethereal thing to wear, that was a different question. The Sabelle top by Dolce Vita won the battle - it's basically an extra pretty doily that I can't say no to. I dug up my old Rag & Bone cropped mac to wear in the evenings as 1 part warmth generator, 2 parts sandstorm protector.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

return of the skater dress.


[ American Apparel skater dress, Zara satin mules, Ray Ban wayfarers, Essie nail polish in 'Power Clutch' ]

Photos by Steve Pyne

So glad to finally be back home & healthy from Coachella. It was such a wonderful whirlwind of memories that will forever stay with me. Photographed here are little snips of our rad log cabin we rented during the festival. (A dedicated post to said cabin will be coming shortly). Dress of choice was something I've recently unearthed and am so glad to have done so given its shimmery iridescent purple/charcoal colour and how super easy it is. Bought it numerous years ago but am happy to see that it's still available! That's what I love about American Apparel. These mules are current season Zara and am in love with the fact that I can give my ankles a rest from the many convoluted straps they're usually in. That's my mule theory.

P.S. I've added an for a more interactive comment section experience! So ask away.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

festival excursion.

A load of whites. The more sheer, the better.

Your ticket. Duh.

Laptop for dumping out your memory card each day, iPhone, lip balm, good sunglasses, 
H2O x 10, bag options, a hat, several pairs of frayed denim shorts, and wrap for chilly evenings.


Beauty essentials. I swear by the Clarisonic brush and the multifarious heads.

Emphasizing the shorts.

Flat shoe options ranging from boots to espadrilles to strappy sandals.

Photos by me

Just mere moments away from the 3 day desert excursion also known as, Coachella. Excited for my 2nd year in a row and this time around I feel more confident in my ability to only pack the essentials and do so swiftly. Although as I'm saying this I'm looking at three stuffed-to-the-brim duffle bags... Worried that I don't get a stern look from a certain someone. Anyway, here are a handful of pics that gives you a slight peek into one of three duffels as to what I'll be bringing to Palm Springs this weekend. Don't forget to follow my Instagram for more on-the-go updates. See you at Coachella Weekend 1!

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

march forward.

Birthday brunch at Secret Location.
l-r: lobster hash w/ brussel sprout leaves, poached eggs, and hollandaise; apple french toast; kronuts & croissants

Calming views at Second Beach, Vancouver

Recent things

Drinks at The Diamond

The Reformation's 'Lola' dress

Birthday cake from Ganache Patisserie: Matcha Exotique. 
Details include green tea mousse, mango/passionfruit gelée, lychee, and black sesame biscuit joconde

Blown away

Capote quote, The Diamond

Chomp's signature sliders w/ mini white bean burgers, spinach, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, served on sweet potato buns

kenzo spencer
Spencer's cute Kenzo tee

Bittersweet and delicious raspberry mochas from Turks' Coffee on Commercial Drive

Secret Location mornings

Thankful I wasn't wearing lipgloss

Textured bathroom walls and ornate mirrors, The Diamond

Photos by me

3rd instalment of the mini monthly photo diary series. Lots of beach heavy photos because Vancouver is finally starting to feel like spring as well as sprinkles of birthday fanciness due to having a late February birth canal extraction date. Highlights of March include finally visiting The Diamond for their famous in-house cocktails, trying to add caffeine into my drink rotation at Turks, eating at local haunts aka Chomp, discovering a new place to moon over and buy cakes from at Ganache Yaletown, and finally joining The Reformation thanks to my sister. 

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